Valley View Church Bulletin for October 13, 2018
Hi Church Family, Here's our bulletin and the "Oneness in Christ" Nugget for this Sabbath. God bless!
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Valley View SDA Church
October 13, 2018

Sabbath School Class Locations

Ages 0–12: Classrooms in South Hall

Earliteen: Left Upper Room

Youth (ages 16+): Right Upper Room

Adult Quarterly: Sanctuary—Nadine Oldenburg, Darl Bidleman & Ross Workman

Adult Quarterly: North Classroom—Sherle Skeels & Ross Workman

Adult Quarterly: South Classroom—Earl Wilson

Gems of RevelationFellowship Hall—Chris Calvin

                                                                                            THE CHURCH AT WORSHIP

                                                                                              Church Service 10:40 AM


                                                                SONG SERVICE     Mindy Minard
                                                                                                    #100 "Great Is Thy Faithfulness"                                                                                                                                                                                                   #229  "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name"                                                                                                    #428 "Sweet by and By"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Welcome/Announcements                Jairo Alpire

                                                            Ministry Moment                                 Gale Wick and Jared Meharry

                                                            Invocation*                                            Jairo Alpire   

                                                           HYMN OF PRAISE*                              #457 "I Love to Tell the Story"    

                                                            TITHES & Offerings                            Samuel Spinosa                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Voice of Prophecy"  

                                                            Children's Story                                    Nadine Oldenburg                                                                          

                                                            Prayer^                                                      Vasty Alpire                                      


                                                            SCRIPTURE                                              Star Farias

                                                                                       Revelation 14:12 

                                                            Special Music                                          Don Ingersoll       

                                                           SERMON                                                    Pastor Korter 
                                                                             "How Bad Do You Want It?"  

                                                           Closing Song                             #358 "Far and Near the Fields Are Teeming"

                                                           CLOSING PRAYER                                      Pastor Korter                                       

                                                         Piano: Bonnie Perry                                          Keyboard: Gloria McGregor

                                                       *Congregation Stand                                        ^Congregation Kneel             


Welcome visitors.  We are so glad you could worship our Creator with us today!


30 Days of Prayer.  Continues nightly at 9:00 PM through October 19, 2018. If you have not joined in you are missing a blessing.  To call in the Conference Call # is: 605-475-6700. Access Code: 623-2944 #. Say your name and press #. Please call in a few minutes before 9:00 PM to hear and not interrupt the prayers.


October 13 Outreach:  We have many Bible study requests from community members who have attended God's Closet.  We need your HELP connecting with each person at their door.  Besides getting to know them and inviting them to the evangelistic series, we will give them a Discover Prophecy handbill and also a God's Closet invitation.  Please meet in the fellowship hall at 1:30 this afternoon to sow the seed of the Gospel!!!


Youth Orchestra.  Today at 5:30 PM.  Contact Sammy Spinosa at 360-525-5338 with questions.


ABC Express. They will be at the Wenatchee School on Sunday, October 14, 2018 from 11:00 AM—1:00 PM.  Please go see their selection of books, Bibles, DVD’s, new books, and special savings on veggie foods.


Women’s Ministry Meeting. Tomorrow at 11:00 AM at the church. Honoring 4 of our “Most Knowledgeable” ladies. A brunch style meal will be served.


Elder’s/Board Meeting.  Tuesday, October 16, 2018. Elder’s-5:30 PM. Board-6:30 PM


Evangelism Team Meeting. Wednesday, October 17, 2018. This is a dress rehearsal for the upcoming meetings. The church family is welcome to attend.


Wednesday Night Meeting.  “What the Bible Really Says” meetings are cancelled until after the Evangelistic Meetings.



Farm Fresh Eggs Available. In the refrigerator in the kitchen. $2.50 a dozen. Mark tithe envelope “Worthy Student Fund”.


Facebook - Did you know we have a Facebook page?  Like and Follow us by searching Valley View Seventh-Day Adventist Church-East Wenatchee.  You will find photos, upcoming events, live sermons and previous sermons.


Copy Machine.  There is a new copy machine in the Resource Room at the south end of the Office hallway.  On the Office Copy Machine we are only allowed 2000 copies and then we are charged for extra copies.  Please use the new copy machine if at all possible.  I tried it out and it works great.


Books Missing from the Library.  Dianna Buck loaned some paperback books by Neil Rabens to the Library.  They have disappeared and she would like them back.  If you have one would you please return it to her.  Thank you.




                                                              SABBATH:                       Dinner Hosts: Wilson's Class

                                                             Tuesday:                           10:30 AM:  Sail Class

                                                                                                              5:30 PM: Elder's Meeting/6:30 PM: Board Meeting

                                                              Wednesday:                     6:30 PM:  Pathfinders at Valley View

                                                                                                             6:30 PM:  Evangelistic Meeting Dress Rehearsal                                                                                                                                                                                                                
                                                              Thursday:                        10:30 AM -  Sail Class

                                                              Sabbath:                           Speaker: Pastor Korter                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Elder: Don Ingersoll                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dinner Hosts: Youth/Earliteen



                                                                             October 20, 2018 through November 17, 2018
                                                                              Evagelistic Series at Valley View SDA Church                                                                                                                                                            "Discover Prophecy Seminar"        


                                                                                                December 1, 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 WWVA Ringers   


                                                                                              December 2, 2018                                                                                                          
                                                                              God's Closet (10:00 AM - 2:00 PM)


  • Healing for Don Cage(Bear), Nancy Webber, Eskild and Iris Larsen, Jairo Alpire, Corey Wilson's Family, Dianna Buck, JoEllen Rush, Bob Davis, Lois Edwards, Donna Brunz(Ladonna Sokolowski's mother.
  • Teachers, Staff, and Students of CCA
  • Conference and Local Church Leadership
  • World Church    
  • Church Family    
  • Church Ministries
  • God’s Closet
  • Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Oneness in Christ

Our Unity in Christ

Further Thought: Ellen G. White, “The Rending of the Kingdom”, pp. 87-98, in Prophets and Kings; “A Message of Warning and Entreaty”, pp. 298-308, in The Acts of the Apostles.

“The Lord desires His chosen servants to learn how to unite in harmonious effort. It may seem to some that the contrast between their gifts and the gifts of a fellow laborer is too great to allow them to unite in harmonious effort; but when they remember that there are varied minds to be reached, and that some will reject the truth as it is presented by one laborer, only to open their hearts to God’s truth as it is presented in a different manner by another laborer, they will hopefully endeavor to labor together in unity. Their talents, however diverse, may all be under the control of the same Spirit. In every word and act, kindness and love will be revealed; and as each worker fills his appointed place faithfully, the prayer of Christ for the unity of His followers will be answered, and the world will know that these are His disciples.” - Ellen G. White, Gospel Workers, p. 483.


Sabbath today ends at: 6:13 PM                                                              Sabbath next week begins at: 6:02 PM

Student Aid

  Extra Needed Monthly $1,257.00                                                                                                                      Received $5.00


School Subsidy
ra Needed Monthly $960.00                                                                                                                                 Received $105.00

Budgeted Monthly  Ch. EXP.                                      October 2018                                                                       

  $8,333.00                                                                            Received $2,288.50                                                Still Need $6,044.50


2018 Church Budget

  $100,000.00                                                                        Received                                                                        Still Need

                                                                                                   $75,922.95                                                                    $24,077.05


                                                                                                  1201 10th Street NE, East Wenatchee                                                                                                                                                                 Church Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Monday-Thursday                                                                                                                  Pastor's Office Hours: 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Tuesday-Wednesday                                                                                                                         Church Phone: 509-884-3815     Email: valleyviewsdachurch@gmail.com                                                                                                              Website: http://www.valleyviewsda.0rg                                                                                                                                  Pastor Brandon Korter: pastorkorter@gmail.com - Phone: 509-312-5030