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About Seventh-day Adventists
As Seventh-day Adventists, we believe the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God and our only rule of faith and practice. In harmony with their teachings, we believe in a personal God, in Jesus Christ the Divine Son, who is our Savior, and in the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead.

We believe that salvation comes only through Christ, who created mankind perfect in Eden; who came to earth to model for us the Christian's life of service to the world and dependence upon the heavenly Father for life and power; who died at Calvary to redeem us from the death penalty for sin; and who is soon to return publicly and gloriously to resurrect those who accepted Him but now sleep in their graves, to reunite them with the living who love Him and to take them together from this world of sin and death to an eternity of joy and fellowship with Him in heaven and in the earth made new, and to totally eradicate from the universe all sin, sinners, and the effects of sin by means of fire that will be unquenchable until it has consumed all that defiles.

Meanwhile, it is our privilege as Christians to show our love for our Savior and our acceptance of His lordship, by allowing Him to work in us to bring us into harmony with His will for our lives. This includes abiding by the ten great principles of His eternal law. It includes arranging our schedules to meet the weekly appointment He set up at creation to spend the seventh day of the week, the Sabbath, with Him in fellowship and worship. It includes responsible stewardship of all that He has entrusted to us - our possessions, of which we return a tithe as well as offerings; and our bodies, which we attempt to maintain in the best possible condition through the principles of health He has given. It also includes Christian modesty in deportment and dress, as well as avoiding any amusements or entertainment that would tend to draw our hearts away from Christ rather than leading us closer to Him. And finally, it includes a commitment to share the gospel wherever we have influence through our financial support of missions and evangelism, through our own personal testimony and witness, and through the use of spiritual gifts we have been given by the Holy Spirit for the building up of Christ’s body on earth, the church.

Our commitment to our Lord is publicly demonstrated and symbolized through baptism by immersion, and by continuing participation regularly in the divine services of the Lord's Supper and the Ordinance of Humility.