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Church Bulletin 10.21.17
Hi Church Family, Here's our bulletin and health nugget for this Sabbath. God bless!
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Valley View SDA Church

October 21, 2017


Sabbath School Class Locations

Ages 0–12: Classrooms in South Hall

Earliteen: Right Upper Room

Youth (ages 16+): Left Upper Room

Adult Quarterly: Sanctuary—Nadine Oldenburg, Darl Bidleman & Ross Workman

Adult Quarterly: North Classroom—Sherle Skeels & Ross Workman

Adult Quarterly: South Classroom—Earl Wilson

Gems of Revelation: Fellowship Hall—Chris Calvin


Church Service 10:40 AM

                                    SONG SERVICE                                 
CCA Youth

#216 "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder"
  #518 "Standing on the Promises"

                               WELCOME & ANNOUNCEMENTS                       
Kyle Pepple 

Pale Horse Rides


  Kyle Pepple

        HYMN OF PRAISE*  
                       "Romans 12:2" - CCA Elementary Choir                  

                                         TITHES & OFFERING                                                                      Kyle Pepple                      
      "Local Church Budget" - "His Sheep Am I"-CCA Choir

Children's Story
Glen Perry

                                             SPECIAL MUSIC                                                      "Speak Lord" - CCA Elementary Choir     

Halle Gates

Ami Davis
Psalms 37:4

     Sermon: "How to be a Genuine Christian"
  Anna McLin

"Meditation" - CCA Elementary Choir


                                         Cheryl Gabel                                         

                                Piano: Sherle Skeels                           
                        Keyboard: Gloria McGregor                       

Welcome visitors.  We are so glad you could worship our Creator with us today!

Transfer of Membership. Katie Wilson from Valley View to Pleasant Valley SDA Church, Happy Valley, OR. and Pat Martin to Wenatchee SDA Church, Wenatchee, WA.
Edward Fausto to Valley View from Canoga Park Comm. SDA Church, Witnetka, CA.

Outreach today at 2:00 PM. Please come join us and invite our neighbors to "A Pale Horse Rides". Meet in the fellowship hall.

Baby Shower.  Sunday, October 22nd at 3:30 PM for Janell Rutherford(Baby Girl)in the fellowship hall. There will be a potluck, but please do not bring anything containing peppers, mint or peppermint.

Journey to Bethlehem building day. Sunday, October 29, 9-4 PM. Lunch will be provided. We need to get most of the village walls up on this day and your help is so valuable. Bring a ladder and/or cordless drill if you have them. No construction experience needed-there are lots of tasks to accomplish. Thank you in advance!!

Group Bible Study.  Pale Horse Rides follow up and BSO group Bible Study begins Wednesday, November 1st at 6:30.

Prayer Warriors. Char Card will be updating the prayer warriors list. If you would like to be added or taken off the list please call or email her at 509-741-0657 or sdrac69@gmail.com.

Women's Retreat. Friday and Saturday, October 27th-28th. Postcards are on the Library Desk with more information.

A Pale Horse Rides starts this Friday night, right here at Valley View church! This three-part experience features Shawn Boonstra from the Voice of Prophecy and our own Rhett Morgan exploring what it might have looked like without the merger between church and state. The three meetings are Oct. 27th at 7:00 PMOct.28th at 4:00 PM and 6:15 PM. Invite your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to this great outreach opportunity. Learn more at PaleHorseRides.com.

Fundraisers for Abundant Life Building Fund. Gala Apples--U-pick $5 a box, bring your own box. Apple Juice Cider--$7 a gallon. Suncrest Orchards 9496 Road V NW, Quincy. Contact June Skeels at 670-7069 or Michael Skeels at 860-2444.

Prayers for the Perry Family. Glen Perry lost his mother on October 7th.  Please keep he and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Memorial Service for Cheyenne Young(Glen and Carol Reiswig's grand daughter).  Today at 2 PM at Calvary Crossroads Church(1301 Maple). Rhett Morgan will be officiating.

12:30 PM Dinner Hosts: Pewitt/Perry/House
2:00 PM Outreach

Baby Shower - Janell Rutherford(baby girl)

 10:30 AM Sail Class

6:15 PM Youth Group
                     6:30 PM Midweek Oasis: “Prophets and Kings” Ch. 35
 6:30 PM Pathfinders

10:30 AM Sail Class

7:00 PM Pale Horse Rides

Speaker: Daniel Alpire
Elder: Don Ingersoll
Dinner Host: No Pot Luck Due to Pale Horse Rides
Supper Hosts - Pepples
4:00 PM & 6:15 PM Pale Horse Rides

October 22nd, Sunday at 3:30 PM
Baby Shower for Janell Rutherford(Baby Girl)

October 27-28, Friday and Saturday
Women's Retreat
Pale Horse Rides

November 12, Sunday 10 AM - 2 PM
God's Closet

November 30 - December 3, Thursday through Sunday
Journey to Bethlehem
  • Healing for Don Cage(Bear), Nancy Webber, Wendy Walker, Perry Family, Reiswig Family  
  • World Church    
  • Church family    
  • Church ministries
  • God’s Closet
  • Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
18. The Lord has given his people a message in regard to health reform. This light has been shining upon  their pathway for thirty years, and the Lord cannot sustain his servants in a course which will counteract  it. . . . Can he be pleased when half the workers laboring in a place teach that the principles of health       reform are as closely allied to the third angel’s message as the arm is to the body, to have their coworkers, by their practice, teach principles that are entirely opposite? . . . The light which God has given upon health reform cannot be trifled with without injury to those who attempt itÍž and no man can hope to succeed in the work of God while, by precept and example, he acts in opposition to the light which God has sent.—Special Testimony for Ministers and Workers, No. 7, p. 40. Healthy Living 32
19. There are those who have stood directly in the way of the advance of health reform. They have held the people back by their indifferent or depreciatory remarks, and their supposed pleasantries and jokes. . . .. Had all walked unitedly in the light, from the time it was first given on the subject, there would have
been an army of sensible arguments employed to vindicate the work of God. But it has only been by the
most aggressive movements that any advance has been made. . . . Healthy Living 33
20. The principles of health reform . . . which are adopted by him, who gives the word of God to others, will have a molding influence upon his work, and upon those with whom he labors. If his principles are
wrong, he can and will misrepresent the truth to othersÍž if he accepts the truth which appeals to reason
rather than to perverted appetite, his influence for the right will be decided.—S. T., No. 7, p. 41. Healthy Living 38— 39

Sabbath today ends at: 6:00 PM                                   Sabbath next week begins at: 5:50 PM